Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Purchase ticket from Kuala Lumpur to JB

Dear Customer,

With all buses are required to move to the new bus station, Starmart Qistna Express has started selling ticket departing from Kuala Lumpur (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) back to JB (Larkin). Check out the schedule @ www.busonlineticket.com. Return ticket is also available

With this implementation, we hope we can bring a greater convenience to you
Our partners include Starmart Express where the most famous route is from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Qistna Express, an affiliates to Starmart Express where the departure will be from JB Larkin to KL, Golden Coach Express, a spin out company from Alisan Express offering another alternative to travellers who wish to take bus from Singapore to KL. And also, Star Shutttle Express where offering a unique route from KLIA/ LCCT to Ipoh and vice versa, Star Coach Express which is another famous company having route from Ipoh to Singapore. We have added another new express bus company Five Stars Express in Penang, offering bus from Penang to KL, Penang to Singapore and many more.
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