Friday, April 22, 2011

Transportation Ease From Singapore to KL And Singapore to Malacca

Tourism is increasing every year in every country and the biggest reason for this is Globalization and Modernization. People work with global work culture and so it becomes a fantasy to see the visit the place they always hear about and they work with.

Secondly, the modernization has made the life tougher keeping the daily hectic schedule and work pressure and this creates urge to spend the holidays at a place far from the home town for both relaxation and fun. And this really brings more energy to again start up the same old routine with counting days for next holiday trip.

In this Article, we are going to explore the transportation facilities from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to Malacca to get your holidays planned in the best way if you choose these destinations from Singapore.

Kuala Lumpur is very famous tourist destination and is attracted by tourists from all over the world and for this reason; it has connectivity through all ways of transportation from major countries of the world. It takes 4 hours from Bus from Singapore to KL by Bus.

There are many luxury coach buses available to server the tourists from Singapore to KL at quite frequent intervals. The bus tickets can be booked via online or through the Travel agents in Singapore.

The Next famous Place to visit is Malacca, everyone who visits Singapore must make plans to go to Malacca and it also takes 3-4 hours by bus to reach Malacca. Singapore to Malacca has high connectivity through the luxury buses. The distance is less and so it is advised to use the bus transportation rather than personal cabs or taxi.

The buses are comfortable keeping in mind the real luxury of the tourists and they are reasonable too.

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