Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Are The Various Commuting Methods Between Singapore And Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are the most popular and well known Tourists destinations. With a large variety of offerings in terms of heritage, beauty, shopping, culture, technology and environment many people from all over the world visit these two places very often for either personal or business issues.

Travelers especially students, tourists, professionals and even common residents of these countries need to travel for some work or a weekend leisure visit between KualaLumpur and Singapore, choose various means of transport as economical for them. There is coach, train and plane available to reach KL from Singapore and visa versa, hassle free.

For instance, a bus ticket of one way journey shall cost aprox $30 for each person for 5-6 hrs journey one way. Many of these bus services offer packages whereby you can pick your deal. Money saving is therefore the main the reason why the bus attracts many customers. The most important component of bus travel for everyone is that it is considerably less costly than air travel. You can surely save few pounds this way and also enjoy relaxed offerings. It’s surely a very charming journey and you won’t know how time passed. The coaches stop for meals and rest during the day traveling as per the traveler's convenience. There are no stopovers during the night time journey. We also noticed that many travelers feel train travel to be comfortable. The KTM train takes aprox 8 hrs and charge would be $34.

For road journey, you have to pay the ticket charges in Singapore dollars when boarding at Singapore, also your ticket charges will be in Malaysian ringgit when boarding in Malaysia. Due to currency value difference, you pay about half lesser for one way. It’s advisable to keep the Malaysian ringgit and Singapore dollars ready if you are interested to purchase something.

For business professionals and other who look for extra luxury and do not want to spend more time on long road travel, book their flight ticket to reach KL from Singapore and visa versa. The distance by air is just one-hour away from rates starting from $45 and above one-trip depending on the booking date, agent’s commission etc. Air ticket charges are surely high compared to other mode of transport. To save some money, it’s advisable to book your tickets online and get some savings. Various budget flights also operate frequently between both the destinations. Coach and air tickets, costs are high during peak seasons of December, January, February, June and September. During the off season the discounts are offered, so keep watch on them and book accordingly.

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