Thursday, October 20, 2011

Introduction of new partner Yakin BG Express bus

Dear Customer,

Another good news brought to you by Yakin BG Express has joined our big pool of bus companies, offering their route from KL to Penang departing from PuduRaya. With this, any travellers who wish to take bus from KL to Penang will not face any problem because there are more than 8 trips going to Penang daily.

Taking bus to Penang is no longer a problem and worries for not having a ticket as we, BusOnlineTicket has offered you all the best option now. Penang is famous of its historical heritage and buildings, the authentic and delicious food. One of the exciting attraction is the Penang Hill, where thousands of visitors visited this place for its magnificient views. Another famous place is the Pagoda temple, a place where millions of buddhist visited every year. Pagoda temple has one of the largest Buddha in Malaysia.

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