Thursday, February 2, 2012

Star Shuttle 10% off for express bus ticket

10% off for all Star Shuttle Express ticket

Star Shuttle is a well-known transportation bus that provide a direct, non-stop and returned shuttle service from Ipoh, Sitiawan, Teluk Intan and Bidor to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Low Carrier Cost Terminal (LCCT). Starshuttle provides the passengers quality service, confortable ride, and affordable and reasonable price. All Star Shuttle coaches are with adequete luggage space to cater for large luggage burden airport travellers.

Star Shuttle Express is also the one of the few bus operator serving express bus service between LCCT/KLIA and Puduraya (In the heart of KL City).

The ultimate objective is to provide smooth, fast, and effective alignment between our transport services and flight schedules.

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rashed ashrafi said...

I would sooner trust a restored Limo made prior to the 70's than any newer one! And htey are cooler, like a 54' Caddy limo I once rode in! Not as much electronic junk,sensors and PCM's to short out or send fuel the other way like what happened several years ago in a car fire, I think it was also a Limo, made in the 80's. Glad the women got out ok! What a scare!