Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Penang to Hatyai by bus is the most convenient way to travel

Penang is a state in Malaysia, located at the northen part of Perninsular of Malaysia. It comprises of two parts, mainly the Penang island and Seberang Perai. Penang island is famous of its food, good governance and its historical building. Every year, many tourist actually visited Penang island, where most of them will visit the historical building after 2nd world war, ancient buddhist temple and many more. 

Hatyai is part of Thailand and many Malaysians actually travels to Hatyai to enjoy the shopping and food. Besides that, many Thais actually travel to Malaysia for job opportunity as the job is scarce in Thailand. Penang to Hatyai by bus is the most convenient way to travel. Travelling by bus will enable you to enjoy the scenery along the way, where this is certainly not be possible if you are travelling by air or water. Hence, bus is still always the most preferred mode of transport.

There are always plenty of bus to Hatyai. You can always board the bus from KL Puduraya, Seremban bus station or many more. To board the bus from Kuala Lumpur, please take note that Puduraya is the only bus station for north bound destination. Bus to Cameron Highlands can also be boarded from Puduraya bus station. You can easily book your bus ticket through a travel agent or over the Web as online ticketing is very popular for buses too. Online booking is considered as the most convenient way of booking these days. Even on the internet, you can compare the prices of different  providers. The bus services are available almost anytime during the day and night with good frequency of the buses.  You can choose ordinary or coach bus service as per your convenience and budget.  Taking bus from KL to Hatyai is convenient and the bus ticket is reasonable and you can afford it easily.

So, now you can always plan your trip in advance having all these information on the internet.
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