Sunday, November 18, 2012

Penang bridge run to be held on 18-November

For your information, Penang bridge run will be held on 18-November. This is an annual event and this year is organized by Allianz. This event will start as early as 1am and there are a few categories, such as Full Marothon, half marathon, 10km run as well. This much anticipated event has attracted more than 30,000 participants, all over the world, to join this special event. With this, all hotels are actually fully booked for this event. There are also competitive running, where there are attractive cash prize and medal to be won as well

To join this event, one can actually take bus from KL to Penang, where the departure is from Puduraya bus terminal. There are several express bus companies to choose from, such as Alisan Golden Coach Express,Yakin Express, Haider Express and many more. The schedule is as many as every hour departing from KL.

One can also book the return journey from Penang. There are also several bus from Penang, such as Five Star Express, Aeroline Express and many more. There are 2 departure locations, mainly from Komtar and Sungai Nibong bus terminal.
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