Sunday, May 19, 2013

Strawberry Farm at Cameron Highland

Fancy of visiting strawberry farm at Cameron Highlands? Busonlineticket offer day tour trip at Cameron Highlands, where you can choose to visit strawberry farm, tea plantation and many more. This day tour comes with free shuttle pickup at any of the hotels at Cameron Highlands. Below are the overview of the itinerary.

Cameron Highland - Highlands Leisure Tours Hightlight:
  • Buddhist Temple
  • Rose & Flower Center
  • Strawberry Farm
  • Apiary Farm
  • Market Square
  • Scenic View Of Tea Plantation
  • Reptile & Butterfly Farm
  • Tea Factory
  • Tea Shop
  • Tea Center
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How do you travel to Cameron highlands? You can take bus from Kuala Lumpur Pudu station to Cameron highlands. So far, we have 2 bus companies offering this trip, Unititi Express and GT express, with at least 6 departure per day. If you are departing from Singapore, Five Star Express is actually offering this trip with only one departure per day. For more information, you can visit our website for more details.

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