Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tips for Going to Legoland Malaysia

With the recent of the opening of Legoland in Malaysia, here are some tips for those who like to visit this family oriented theme park.
1. Reach the park early to avoid longer queues and you can enjoy more rides and activities.
2. Enjoy taking the rides first and then start wondering around the miniland exhibits. You will be fascinated on how a country landmark being built in Lego.
3. There are at least 7 restaurant in the park, alternatively, you can enjoy your lunch outside of the theme park
4. Prepare to use sun block lotion as the afternoon sun maybe blazing hot
5. Build your own Lego car. This can be a family competition to see who can build the fastest car. There is a test track for you to try out your constructions.
6. Go for the Clutch powers 4-D movies. They are really cool.
7. Try the fire brigade and compete with other families...
8. Let your kids mix a bag of Lego before you leave. It is around USD 15 per 100g but it is fun for the kids to find small parts they do not have.
9. Get a driving licence for your kid and the good thing is the licence can be used at any other part of Legolands.
10. After a tiring day, you can have a wonderful dinner around Legoland park.
To get to Legoland, one can purchase the tickets from www.busonlineticket.comwith 2 way transport from Singapore. The 2 way transport actually comes with free entrance ticket to the theme park.
Legoland theme park is a perfect place to bring your family members, especially your children as they will surely enjoy it and they would love to be back another time. They are building the Lego Petronas Twin Tower which will be ready by end of the year and would love to come back again.

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